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I Am A Unicorn

When a lonely Evelyn is mistaken by a bunch of OAPS for Daisy, the granddaughter of their dearly departed friend Joanna, Evelyn realises she doesn't actually want to leave.


Starring: Isabelle Schuler, Alexa Davis, Brig Bennet, Jackie Clune, Lesley Ewen and Pik-Sen Lim

Written by Isabelle Schuler

Directed by Natalie Malla 

Produced by Phoenix Productions & Genera Films 


IAAU_Stills_Graded - 83.png
IAAU_Stills_Graded - 59.png
IAAU_Stills_Graded - 76.png
IAAU_Stills_Graded - 79.png
IAAU_Stills_Graded - 68.png
IAAU_Stills_Graded - 58.png
IAAU_Stills_Graded - 24.png
IAAU_Stills_Graded - 63.png
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